Whether you have a mansion or a modest town house, a home of your own or a portfolio of managed properties, we can offer you a top quality service at an affordable and competitive price. When you want things to be done properly and look perfect, call us, and we will ensure you are completely satisfied with the finished result.



Making our customers happy is our number one priority. Your returning business is what our company has been built on, so we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the job that we do. And our prices are our prices, no extras, no quibbles, and no additional charges for evenings or weekends – the work will cost the price that we have agreed with you, no hidden surprises.

We use the latest hi-tech equipment, our vans are all fitted with the best technology available for the job in hand, and our products are eco-friendly, producing great results without harsh chemicals or unpleasant odours. Whether you are a homeowner or a landlord, we are confident that you will be delighted with the results and know you can trust us to look after you and your property.

  • Experienced Staff

    Many of our staff have been with us from Day 1 and have been working in their fields for ten years or more, and they are all fully trained and qualified with the appropriate accreditations. Staff morale and job satisfaction are so important to us as a company, and we know our colleagues enjoy working for us and doing what they do. We all pull together and take great pride in what we do, and that shines through in the work that we do. Happy staff make for happy customers!

  • Natural Products

    Our products are eco-friendly and biodegradable: our carpet cleaning solution is safe to use on wool carpets and contains no peroxide: our oven cleaning service uses electric dip tanks for the shelves, removing the need to use harsh chemicals which could be harmful to the environment. We offer ‘cleaning with a conscience’ and can reassure you that we are doing a great job but without polluting our planet. Safety/environmental data sheets are available on request.

  • Fast Service

    We offer a fast response and once you have commissioned us to do a job we will book you in as soon as possible. There are no additional charges for evening or weekend work. We can also do urgent call-outs as well as pre-booked appointments, and we have a back-up team on call at all times. We will always do our best to help you in an emergency – that dreaded red wine spillage, or tenants who promised to clean properly on leaving but scarpered, leaving you with the mess to clear up. Call us and we will get you out of a sticky situation!

  • Top Quality Equipment

    Our window cleaning vans are fully equipped with the technology to get to those hard-to-reach places, up to 7 floors high, and we only use deionised water to ensure a streak-free finish. Our oven-cleaning equipment includes the latest electric dip tanks to leave your oven shelves gleaming. For carpet cleaning we use the top-rated machines and our products do not contain peroxide; we employ two different methods: one with hot water extraction / steam clean function which can cope with even heavily-soiled carpets or upholstery; another for commercial carpets which uses a capillary wicking clean with little air flow. You can rest assured that we will choose the right equipment and products for the task.

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