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A clean place is a happy place! We at Kleaning Network take care of your happiness with our bespoke cleaning and maintenance service tailor-made to your needs. We pride ourselves in being excellent at what we do. Our commitment to delivering dedicated and consistent service makes us one-stop cleaning solution in Reading.

Are you a Reading-based homeowner or private business looking for the best professional cleaning service provider in the area? Well, the Kleaning Network has got you covered with the whole range of professional cleaning services to take care of your every need. From floor cleaning to stain removal and house cleaning, we offer a diverse range of services customised to meet your specific needs. Founded back in 2014, the Kleaning Network has gone from being a small-local specific family-run business to a growing business extended all across the country. The professional cleaning agency has quickly become a household name in Reading and our services are highly rated by clients and the local communities alike.

We know what it takes to keep your properties clean and equipment running efficiently. Our certified professionals strive to keep you at ease with custom made solutions. We always make ourselves available even during the ungodly hours just so you can be at ease at all times. While we can’t stress enough the importance of maintaining cleanliness and ensuring the overall safety of your property, many people never quite get around to attending to their needs. This is where you can rely on the professional cleaning services of the Kleaning Network to come to your assistance. We send out the most qualified cleaning professionals in their respective areas of expertise to understand your exact requirements and carry out tailor-made solutions.



World-Class Professional Cleaning Services At The Best Rates

Combining the technical expertise and years of experience, our professional cleaning agency has successfully delivered a wide range of solutions for residential and commercial needs in the Reading region. Whether you need professional carpet cleaning, floor cleaning or window cleaning, the Kleaning network is all your cleaning solutions rolled into one agency. We know about the big role cleanliness plays in keeping things healthy for everyone at your place and it’s just as important for you to keep your place safe and fully functional. This is why we have the gamut of services including deep cleaning, house cleaning and deep cleaning services to address your emergencies.

We are equipped with specialised services to take care of all your domestic and commercial requirements. Whether you want to get rid off the most stubborn dirt in your carpet, clean up the whole office or get a professional house cleaning, our staff are always at the ready to address your concern. We place customer satisfaction at the core of everything we do and each service we offer is marked by its customer friendliness and timeliness. Providing exemplary services with great consistency has enabled us to win over the hearts of new customers and sustain our existing client base. We let the testimonials from happy customers do all the talking for us.


Whether you have a mansion or a modest town house, a home of your own or a portfolio of managed properties, we can offer you a top quality service at an affordable and competitive price. When you want things to be done properly and look perfect, call us, and we will ensure you are completely satisfied with the finished result.


Customised Professional Cleaning Services For All Your Needs

If you have any cleaning related needs in the Reading region, irrespective of its size, you can trust the Kleaning Network to give you the perfect solution. With a long array of professional experts specialised in various departments, our team is just phone call away from making your day better. Our highly rated tradesmen will listen to your requirements, make a detailed assessment of your situation and deliver customised services. From deep cleaning to stain removal and house cleaning, you name it, our specialists will be there to deal with your concerns in the blink of an eye. More importantly, our professionals will carry out services without causing a noticeable disruption to your day-to-day operations. Our holistic approach to customer service allows us to take into account all your needs and come up with customised solutions that will make all the difference.

Feel free to get in touch with our professional cleaning specialists for any requirements in the Reading area.


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