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Driveway Paving & Patio Laying Services

Driveway & Patio Laying Services

Want to make a grand entrance? The first thing people see as they approach your property, whether it’s your home or your business premises, is your driveway. So you will want to make a good impression and have that all-important ‘kerb appeal’, yes?

And out the back, a patio is a perfect place for entertaining and relaxing, as well as being a low-maintenance option for a garden instead of all lawn, and provides a beautiful backdrop for some potted plants or raised beds.

Our experienced team of paving and driveway contractors have all the specialist tools and heavy equipment (if needed) and will also be aware of any local council regulations or restrictions. And they will also be able to help you decide what kind of paving material you should choose … decorative or durable (or both)! Often the best materials are actually not the most expensive, but a heavily-used driveway will need a different surface to a simple, decorative path in your garden or a patio where there will be no vehicle access. Choosing the right surface is the essential starting point.


Materials and options:


Gravel – available in many different styles, colours and sizes; relatively inexpensive and suitable for driveways and paths, as long as care is taken to incorporate good drainage. Gravel can be laid directly onto the ground and if this is the case, regular maintenance is required, as well as a strong weedkiller. Often it is better to be laid on top of a suitable concrete foundation. Ideally should always incorporate a ‘gravel grid’ to maintain a durable surface and prevent too many stones being displaced, otherwise gravel driveways can require frequent ‘top ups’.

Cubes – known as ‘setts’ and available in a huge range of colours and finishes – definitely incredibly durable, as many Roman pavements from 2000+ years ago are still in good nick today! Laying these involves a lot of workmanship, so this is more expensive than the gravel option.

Bricks – another popular option in the UK, available in a wide range of colours, and attractive patterns can be laid in the brickwork. Another good hard surface for anywhere that there will be heavy vehicular traffic.

Flagstones – made of natural stone, such as York paving, Indian stone, slate or granite; prices vary depending on whether you select native or imported stone, and this option is again more labour-intensive so therefore a more expensive option. Some varieties are not suitable for heavy vehicles; some can be supplied with a textured finish which gives a good grip for walking on it in icy weather. The pattern of the layout can be geometric, plain or intricate … even ‘crazy paving’ if that is the look you desire.

Cobblestones – large rounded ‘river pebbles’; can be used for driveways if laid carefully to give an even surface, but not the best choice for pathways as they can be uncomfortable for walking (illustrated by the fact that they are often used as deterrents to discourage pedestrians!), but often used as an attractive border feature.

Pattern-imprinted concrete – also known as decorative or stamped concrete; this can be laid with a pattern imprinted to give a decorative look as well as a long-lasting and extremely strong surface, able to bear heavy vehicular traffic and requiring very little maintenance. It can be prone to cracking in extreme weather and is not permeable, so drainage options will need to be accommodated, but pattern-imprinted concrete offers a huge range of colors, patterns and styles.

Resin – also known as a ‘bonded’ driveway; gives the appearance of gravel but with no loose stones; incredibly durable (5 times stronger than concrete) and low maintenance, just needs an occasional sweeping and an annual power wash to keep it looking good as new. A resin driveway can often be installed on top of an existing driveway. The surface is flexible, so resistant to cracking, and hardwearing but also permeable, allowing rainwater to drain away; our resin driveways conform to all BBA & BSO standards for slip resistance; available in a huge range of colors and an incredibly popular modern choice.

Tarmac or asphalt – a cheaper option and could be ideal if you are on a budget. When applied well, it can look smooth and pristine and will match the road outside your property. Colours choices are very limited however, and although it should provide a long-lasting surface, some can deteriorate because chemicals or oils from vehicles react with the tarmac and can dissolve it.

Bark – definitely not suitable for a driveway in regular use, but perfect for a garden pathway, especially for families with children as it is soft underfoot and good in the event of any trips or falls; gives a very natural look with its woody appearance. Also good for low maintenance borders as weeds are kept to an absolute minimum.

Once you have chosen the surface that is right for you, our skilled contractors will be able to cost the project and schedule the timing.


What should you expect from us?


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