Domestic Handyman Services London
Commercial Handyman Services London

Handyman Services London

Our trusted team have a myriad of skills and can make a really good job of all those little jobs. Sometimes there are quite a few things that need doing and it just seems silly to have to ring different trades or have lots of people on site, and pay them all separately for coming out, when a good handyman/woman can probably do everything.


Domestic Handyman Services


A domestic handyperson can take care of various tasks in the home and garden, whether it’s a ‘Do It Yourself’ job that hasn’t quite progressed to ‘Done It Yourself’, or a wide range of projects both inside and outside.


Commercial Handyman Services


A commercial handyperson can be requested for one-off jobs or can return on a regular basis, if required, to focus on general maintenance and upkeep so that nothing interrupts the work at your premises or hinders the movements of staff or visitors.


Handyman Services offered include:


• Painting and decorating
• Basic plumbing, electrical and carpentry skills
• Changing light bulbs and light fixtures
• Rewiring, changing fuses, junction boxes, etc
• Installing windows and doors, rehanging or replacing interior doors
• Fixing taps, unclogging drains, clearing gutters
• Rewiring or adding additional sockets
• Moving or re-arranging heavy items such as furniture
• Assembling furniture or equipment
• Clearing or cleaning/maintaining rooms, office premises, gardens or grounds
• Changing air filters and maintaining air conditioning units

Our team members have Public Liability Insurance as well as Employers’ Liability Insurance.


What should you expect from us?


• Competitive Quotation
• Courteous manner
• Fully insured & Health and Safety compliant
• Experience and Expertise
• Punctuality
• Same charges for daytime, evening & weekend
• Top Quality Workmanship
• Tidiness – each day as well as at the end
• Guaranteed Satisfaction