Plastering Services
Plastering Services

Plastering Services

You need beautiful workmanship when it comes to choosing a plasterer and at The Maintenance Network we have the professionals who will make your walls and ceilings as smooth as silk.

Good plasterers need to be able to deal with the different types of plaster:


• Cement plaster: cement, sand and water – generally used for masonry
• Lime plaster: made from lime and water
• Gypsum plaster: made from water and calcium sulfate


Plaster skimming onto plasterboard or hardboard is the standard method of providing a smooth, seamless surface ready to take on your final decorative treatment. Skim plastering gives many of the advantages of a traditional ‘old fashioned’ solid plaster finish except that there is a much quicker turnaround, and in many cases it will not require all the old plaster to be removed. Preparation for skimming includes removing any loose plaster work, plus any joint reinforcement if necessary. The plaster is then applied to the wall or ceiling surface to a minimum thickness of 2mm.

We then advise that we should give the plaster work what is known as a ‘mist coat’ of diluted emulsion (non-vinyl) paint while it is still damp. Diluting the paint is essential, as this allows the mist coat to sink into the wall, thus sealing the surface. An undiluted standard emulsion would draw out the moisture out and dry out the plaster too quickly, creating cracks and causing the following fresh coats of paint to sit ‘on top of’ the new plaster. Applying such a mist coat will seal your new plaster perfectly after it has dried. Most professional painters no longer recommend using PVA glue to seal plaster, as this can often cause issues at a later date.

We can also offer exterior rendering, a very popular modern choice for buildings instead of cladding or tile work, and readily available in a huge range of colors. We can even arrange the scaffolding so there is no additional hassle having to organised that yourselves.


Plastering services include:


• Plastering
• Skimming
• Plaster boarding
• Dry lining
• Stud walls
• Artex removal
• Coving
• Cement plastering for masonry work
• Damp Proofing
• Exterior Monocouche (Scratch Render) or K-Rend (Silicone Render)


What should you expect from us?


• Competitive quotation
• Courteous manner
• Professionally-trained plasterers
• Fully insured & Health and Safety compliant
• Experience and expertise
• Punctuality
• Quality workmanship
• Tidiness – every day as well as at the end
• Guaranteed satisfaction