Carpet Repair Services

Carpet Repair Services

From stately homes to studio flats, we all want to take pride in the place we call home. And there’s nothing worse than a burn, bleach mark, rusty radiator leak or pet damage to your carpets to detract from the overall effect. But don’t rush out to replace a whole carpet when it could be far more cost efficient to repair the damage instead.

We have a highly-trained team who have all the carpet repair tools to fix and replace carpet, including re-tufting or re-weaving for smaller areas, patching for larger ones, and re-stretching carpet if a join is beginning to show or where rises are becoming a trip hazard. We can also repair ripped or worn joins.

Carpet burns are one of the commonest types of repair we carry out, caused by all manner of events, coal fires, heated curling tongs or straighteners, cigarettes, and sometimes still the dropped or misplaced iron. Re-tufting / re-weaving works best on smaller burns or damage up to 2”/50mm. We either use new tufts from any leftover carpet or existing tufts from the carpet edge where it attaches to the gripper rods, meaning that the replacement tufts are the exact same age and batch as the damaged ones. We add the new tufts by re-tufting or re-weaving as appropriate. Larger areas can be patched, ideally by using spare carpet offcuts wherever possible. Even the most damaged bit of carpet can appear to disappear!

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